The Way The Music Moves You, The Magic Of Music, Arousing Your Senses

Any person who loves music and intrigued with the instruments has a huge choice of what is available, guitars, drums, saxophones. But there is something about the distinct sound that emanates from the saxophone. As you pick up the sax and blow into the mouth piece, as your fingers feel the buttons of the sax, as the smooth-bold sound begins. The saxophone player Manchester starts to play, forgetting everything else and focuses on the music and the great artists that have played in the past. You feel the music beneath your fingers while playing this magnificent instrument.

As you take control of the stunning, gleaming saxophone, the music envelopes you, all other distractions in the room disappear. You mind is focused on the most intoxicating instrument ever so masterfully designed. The room has come alive, filled with sensational sound ranges of the sax, feeling exhilarated and accomplished at mastering the saxophone.

A path towards other musical genres

Since the 1920s, the electric violin – an instrument equipped with an electronic sound output – has been a mainstay in music. It provides a way for classical musicians to enter into other genres such as pop, jazz, metal, hip hop, country and new age. Extra strings (more than a traditional violin) and pickups add to the electric violin’s uniqueness. The timbre generated from this instrument is raw and sharp which blends in more easily with a drum or amplified guitar. Over the past decade, being an electric violinist has become cool. Younger players have ushered in an under thirty fan base. Two acclaimed stars are Jenny Bae and Emilie Autumn. This duo brought a youthful flavor to their field making the electric violin an object of desire for people of all ages.

Drawing Attention to My Company

I was headed to the fair recently and I thought that I should do something there to help bring attention to my company. I wanted those at the fair to pay attention to my company and to begin to shop from it. So, I chose to hire a promotional staff and I used them to help me in the advertising that I needed to do. The group of individuals that I had working for me did an amazing job. These people really know how to give me the help that I was looking for. They rocked the job that I gave them, and I gained a ton of attention for my business. It was super amazing, and I do not regret my decision to use the fair as an advertising platform for my business.

My Uncle’s Glass Farm

When I was a child, I used to visit my uncle’s farm. He grew food and animals there. One part of his farm was filled with glass. My siblings and I used to call this his glass farm.

One day I asked him why he kept growing all that glass. He laughed, at the idea, not at me. He explained that one of the jobs he did locally was replacing glass windows in buildings. When he was done, the customers would let him take the glass home. He would then keep it until he was ready to mix a new batch of glass. He would add the old glass to the mix. He explained he worked with glass, and he produced art with it.

He said that this recycled glass media made it easier to make the amount of new glass he needed. My uncle pointed out the glass would not end up in the local landfill. Years later, I discovered my uncle was known for glass making. As a child, I looked at him as just an uncle who did odd and interesting things. He was a man ahead of his time.

Drinking and walking home

I once went to a friends birthday party. After staying longer than I should and drinking more than I should have, I decided to go home. On my way home I managed to lose just about ever personal possession I had on me, including my wallet, jacket, watch and shoes. When I woke up the next morning I was convinced I had been robbed. Accordingly, I headed to my local police station and reported the obvious crime that had been committed against me. Three hours later I received a phone call from a very “giggly” officer. She informed me that they had reviewed Bolton CCTV footage and had discovered that I fell asleep outside a train station, and all my personal belongings had been collected by homeless after I left. Needless to say, they were closing my file. I thanked the officer and promised never to drink again.

The walls are alive!

A living wall is plants that grow vertically against a wall or structure. They can be created indoors or outdoors and allowed to climb on the exterior walls of buildings. There are many benefits to living walls beyond the most important of all-improving air quality.
* They shade the structure that it grows on thus reducing temperature fluctuations and reduces energy consumption.
* They protect the building from sun/rain/snow/hail etc which reduces maintenance cost on the building.
* They help to improve acoustics by absorbing sound and decreasing noise levels around the building.
* They also help to increase property values by some studies up to 20%
* They reduce stress levels because after all, who isn’t calmed by a walk in a garden especially if the garden is smack dab in the middle of a city.
They are so beneficial but also very interesting by incorporating different colors & textures of plants.

A Highly Specific Career Choice

Some people truly have very specific ideas of the career paths they want to pursue. When I was a teenager in high school, I thought I wanted to be a ballerina, a veterinarian, an astronaut, a social worker and a writer, all at different points throughout the four years. My best friend Allie was a different story, however. She knew since she was a small child that she wanted to work in storm water management providing porous paving services. Talk about specific. At lunch, she’d passionately discuss everything from permeable surface courses to excavating and everything in between. She told me that if I ever needed help with storm water management, she’d have my back. If I ever own a home with a sidewalk or walking path right outside of it, I know I’ll be calling Allie for her professional assistance. She truly lives and breathes these things, and it’s fascinating.

How to Ruin a Wedding

The minister was thirty minutes late for the service, so Cassie was already upset. The organ player started the Wedding March, the flower girl began to cry and the Maid of Honor tripped and fell halfway down the aisle. Cassie’s teeth were grinding. This was not the way her wedding should be. But as her father smiled down at her, she felt her spirits rise and started her walk down the aisle. Andrew stood waiting for her, that silly grin that she loved so much, on his face. She stepped up beside him and they turned to face the minister. And that was when the fireworks displays lit off, timed to start as they left the church and not reprogrammed for the delay. The night sky flashed red and white and yellow and the minister shouted the words over the explosions and screaming of the rockets. Cassie began to cry.