How to select a party theme

When searching for the perfect wedding decor you want to make sure to first have a set theme. This could be a theme of colors or a specific topic.

Always select a theme that is in season with colors as well as bridesmaid dresses. You will not want your brides maids wearing short dresses if you are having a winter wedding.

A great decor idea for a winter wedding would be a theme of “winter wonderland”. You could include things such as small ice sculptures in the dining hall or recreation room if you are having a dinner afterwards.

When planning a summer wedding, as great idea is to have wedding fireworks in the same color scheme as your wedding is planned in. If you are having a military type wedding because one spouse in a service member, red, white and blue fireworks are an excellent choice for a wedding!

I Love Tiny Figurines

Ever since I was very little I have always been enamored with small figurines. It didn’t matter what they were. It could be small Santa’s or even sports figurines, I have always had a fondness for figurines of any kind. One of my favorite that I had as a youngster was one of the Pillsbury Dough Boy. The commercials of him laughing and everything got me laughing and to this very day whenever I see the Pillsbury Dough Boy it certainly conjures up some fantastic memories.

Another reason that I liked that Pillsbury Dough Boy figurine was because it was made out of Siak ceramics. I have a strong fondness for this glass type material and ever since that Pillsbury Dough Boy, I have been able to get more and more figures made of this most wonderful material. All because of the Pillsbury Dough Boy!

How to Ruin a Wedding

The minister was thirty minutes late for the service, so Cassie was already upset. The organ player started the Wedding March, the flower girl began to cry and the Maid of Honor tripped and fell halfway down the aisle. Cassie’s teeth were grinding. This was not the way her wedding should be. But as her father smiled down at her, she felt her spirits rise and started her walk down the aisle. Andrew stood waiting for her, that silly grin that she loved so much, on his face. She stepped up beside him and they turned to face the minister. And that was when the fireworks displays lit off, timed to start as they left the church and not reprogrammed for the delay. The night sky flashed red and white and yellow and the minister shouted the words over the explosions and screaming of the rockets. Cassie began to cry.